Found a great job

Well I found a great job, I'm not working as a designer but I am honestly happy and fulfilled at the moment. I currently work at a restaurant called Kitchen on George. The people are great, it is very close to my house, and that is a huge plus considering all of the car trouble that I have been having for the last few months. Honestly the best thing about this job is the fact that I get to socialize with other humans again. I had become quite the shut in over the last few months because of the unstable job situation and the loss of my wonderful dad, but things are looking up and I am slowly getting my finances organized again. I may start doing more design work soon but for now I am content working at this fabulous restaurant. If you get a chance come in and try the food, it really is amazing.

My Succulents & Problem Plants

I have a couple succulents that are having some issues and I wanted to put up some photos and get opinions and advice on how to take care of them. 

I think this one is a Sempervivum "Violet Queen" and it was growing very nice and actually had a beautiful bloom on it before it started dropping leaves like crazy. I kept some of the healthy leaves and it looks like they are starting to propagate and the leaves still on seem to be doing good, but any advice at all on this one would be great. 

The next one is my Crassula Tetragona "Miniature Pine Tree" it started to drop leaves and brown but I think that it had a bit of rot because when I got it home from the store and took it out of the original pot it was soaked and squishy. It looks like it is starting to come back but I want to make sure that I do everything right to keep it healthy. the way that it originally looked is in the first photo and how it looks now is the next two. I did separate all of the plants in the first photo after a little while.

Here are the rest of my current plants, I would really love any advice because I am new to succulents.

Here are the plants when I first got them

UPDATE 8/1/14

Here are some of the plants that I have been working on. Most are looking better thanks to the advice from my cousin Erica. The Crassula Tetragona is still a but of a problem plant, I can't seem to get it what it needs so if you have any advice on how to help that one please comment or email me. Also I did some hardcore reading and I learned that my Sempervivum should die after flowering and that it will flower prematurely without popping chicks if it is stressed out. I assume that is what happened to it to make it drop all of its leaves but there is new growth and the weird roots that started to grow on one side. From what I've read that is kind of strange so if you have any info on that one I would love to hear it.

Propagation babies

Starting Pepper Seeds

My mom gave me some fresh jalapenos from her garden the other day and Stephen and I made an AWESOME pot of chili with them. I decided to keep the tops of the peppers so I could maybe start some plants for myself. I was told to let the seeds dry out in a window for a few days before planting so I just put the seeds in a small dish and sat them in a spot out of the way in my kitchen for 3 days or so.

Then came the time to plant the seeds! I went online and looked up the best way to get them started and I read about a couple of ways.

Get a pot with soil level it out and place the seeds spread apart. Then fill up the sink to about where the top of the pot would be and let the pot float in the water so the water soaks in from the holes in the bottom of the pot. You will see it start to sink down and then the soil on top will start to get moist (if you have a large or tall pot then steady it at first so it doesn't dump over into the water) then cover the top with plastic wrap or a sandwich bag and place it it a well lit window.

Here is the part that I am experimenting with... I read that you should put sphagnum moss on top of the seeds and wait for them to pop through, but I was also told to just let them rest on top of the moist soil without anything covering them. So I decided to do a little experiment. One pot has the seeds just resting on top of the moist soil and is covered with plastic wrap and the other has moist sphagnum moss on top and is covered by a sandwich bag. I put both in the same window and I plan to keep an update on how things progress. There are so many ways to do the same thing but sometimes you just have to do a little experimenting for yourself. I am kind of excited to see how things will turn out I will try to make updates as often as I can.

Without sphagnum moss covered by plastic wrap

With sphagnum moss covered by a sandwich bag

Propagating Succulents

I started getting into succulents recently and when I learned that you can propagate succulents from cuttings and leaves I was intrigued.  I am very new to succulents in general so I started reading up on each plant and the different ways to get nice "chibi" (an adjective that means small and/or miniature in a good or cute way) succulents from the parent plant. My house is particularly shady but I have a few windows that get good sun so I wanted to share how I have started a few plants and what I came up with to deal with having very shallow windowsills that larger pots do not fit in.

First I cut an egg carton in half (use one made out of the cardboard material instead of the foam so it drains better). Next I took the top and filled it with well draining soil (succulent and cactus blend from the local superstore).

Then after wetting the soil slightly with a spray bottle, I took the cuttings and leaves that I had and placed them spread out on top of the soil.

After the cuttings get started I put them in the bottom half of the egg carton and put them in a windowsill that gets good sun.

 From reading up on a couple sites I learned that the cuttings should be kept someplace out of direct sunlight, but when they get started they need more. The stable segregated bottom half of the egg carton should be great to get them better established and I can still keep an eye on them until they get a little bigger.

This blog helped me so much with how to get the correct cuttings and what to do with them  Succulents & Sunshine and I love the tutorials on NEEDLES + LEAVES the photos are very helpful. I live in the deep south east and it is hot and humid here so I plan on updating the status of my plants and how I deal with the climate. Rot could possibly be a problem so I am really going to try to keep an eye on my succulents and any cuttings to make sure they don't get too soggy and die on me.

Humira ad for Cindy Ross

This is an ad that I did for Cindy Ross, owner of Bodies by Cindy who has struggled with rheumatoid arthritis for most of her life. She spoke in a short video about the drug that she uses to help her with her condition and how it has changed her life. She asked me to do a small into write up for the video and I came up with this short ad. 

I want to thank Cindy for letting me be creative with this one because I think that it came out fantastic.

SALE! Tree accent painting

I have reduced the price on a few of my acrylic paintings for the holidays, I hope that this willl spark some activity on my Etsy site and make some room for some new pieces. I hope everyone has a great Christmas and if you need a last minute gift please check out my paintings and remember that if you are local I will deliver them to you so you don't have to wait or pay shipping.

Deviant Art Updated

I spent a little time today uploading some of my new work to Deviant art. I have slacked off for a while when it came to my traditional work because I have been doing a lot of digital and freelance stuff. I really want to get back into Deviant because it really is nice to network with other artist, and I always find great tutorials that really help me to evolve my techniques. If you get a chance check out my page on Deviant art and leave a comment or critique because I am always looking for feedback on my work. 


I have been following NAVATE on deviant art for quite some time and recently started to follow her sketchblog. I always get inspired and I learned so much from her tutorials when I started working with my Wacom tablet.  I wanted my first post on my new site to be a shout out to her amazing work. I'd like to thank her for the inspiration, fantastic techniques I have learned from her tutorials, and for creating breathtaking artwork that keep me astonished. I recommend that anyone who stumbles across my site take some time to visit her site and appreciate the amazing work she has shared.


So it is my favorite time of year again... FALL. I can just smell it in the breeze. You get to wear boots and scarves, you start to smell fireplaces burning and you hear the rustling of fallen leaves every time a cool breeze wisps by. I personally love Halloween; it is a time to be creative and outgoing. I also love decorating with those cheesy dollar store Halloween decorations =}

I did this invitation because my super cool nephews were going to throw a party, but the weekend they planned it their school band went out of town and the next weekend another one of their buddies had a party so they ended up canceling so people wouldn't have to decide what party to go to... BUT before everything went sour I made them a really cool invitation. I've had a really great time making invitations lately and I hope that I can do a few more soon.

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful fall and a fun safe Halloween, and remember to savor this weather because (at least in my case) it doesn't last for long.



Deviant Art

I have a Deviant Art page with most of my work on it and my basic info too. I have really gotten my second wind when it comes to blogging more and really trying to gather all of my artwork together in one place. My sister is still holding onto a ton of my graphite and charcoal pieces and I think they are the last ones that I actually have access to now. I have lost/given away so many great pieces of art over the years and now I really regret not taking photos of them. I have a horrible habit of just giving things away because I get tired of looking at them. I would spend hours and hours on some of these drawings and painting and by the time I was finished I just wanted them to be "set free out into the world" I guess. I have done several things for family members and friends so now I am burdened with the hunt to try to track them down and photograph them. I want to have a good timeline to show how I have progressed and changed over the years as an artist. I also have some flash work and some cute games that I made but I don't know how feasible it is to try and get those up. Anyway if you want to follow some of my progress on this great hunt please visit my little nook on the interwebs.





This one was the first thing that I started to work on with my tablet. I used the pencil tool in Corel® Painter™ Sketch Pad. I think this is the program that I want to stick with for now because the tools and textures are more realistic compared to actually drawing and painting. I seem to be able to get more even blending and shading too. This piece is obviously not finished but I will keep updating it for a while. I actually think that I can save out the different pages in Corel® Painter™ Sketch Pad as JPEGs so I may be able to show a day by day evolution of this piece... cool huh?


So Steve-O came home with a Tablet for my birthday.. This is one of the first drawings that I have worked on so far. I used Autodesk® SketchBook® Express 2011 and used the chisel tip pen and the blur tool for the bamboo and the airbrush tool for the background texture. I am really excited to check out the other programs that came with the tablet. I hope to get some more up here soon.

My heart goes out to Japan... My hope is that their beauty and culture can remain strong and vigilant while they come back from this tragedy.


Interference paint: Wine Bottle

This is a recent painting that I did for a close friend. I used interference paints to get some really great effects. Take a look at this link to get more info about interference paint (definition of interference paint). Basically the feel and look of the painting changes depending on how the light hits it. I think interference paint is my new favorite thing ever =D