So it is my favorite time of year again... FALL. I can just smell it in the breeze. You get to wear boots and scarves, you start to smell fireplaces burning and you hear the rustling of fallen leaves every time a cool breeze wisps by. I personally love Halloween; it is a time to be creative and outgoing. I also love decorating with those cheesy dollar store Halloween decorations =}

I did this invitation because my super cool nephews were going to throw a party, but the weekend they planned it their school band went out of town and the next weekend another one of their buddies had a party so they ended up canceling so people wouldn't have to decide what party to go to... BUT before everything went sour I made them a really cool invitation. I've had a really great time making invitations lately and I hope that I can do a few more soon.

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful fall and a fun safe Halloween, and remember to savor this weather because (at least in my case) it doesn't last for long.