Deviant Art

I have a Deviant Art page with most of my work on it and my basic info too. I have really gotten my second wind when it comes to blogging more and really trying to gather all of my artwork together in one place. My sister is still holding onto a ton of my graphite and charcoal pieces and I think they are the last ones that I actually have access to now. I have lost/given away so many great pieces of art over the years and now I really regret not taking photos of them. I have a horrible habit of just giving things away because I get tired of looking at them. I would spend hours and hours on some of these drawings and painting and by the time I was finished I just wanted them to be "set free out into the world" I guess. I have done several things for family members and friends so now I am burdened with the hunt to try to track them down and photograph them. I want to have a good timeline to show how I have progressed and changed over the years as an artist. I also have some flash work and some cute games that I made but I don't know how feasible it is to try and get those up. Anyway if you want to follow some of my progress on this great hunt please visit my little nook on the interwebs.