My Succulents & Problem Plants

I have a couple succulents that are having some issues and I wanted to put up some photos and get opinions and advice on how to take care of them. 

I think this one is a Sempervivum "Violet Queen" and it was growing very nice and actually had a beautiful bloom on it before it started dropping leaves like crazy. I kept some of the healthy leaves and it looks like they are starting to propagate and the leaves still on seem to be doing good, but any advice at all on this one would be great. 

The next one is my Crassula Tetragona "Miniature Pine Tree" it started to drop leaves and brown but I think that it had a bit of rot because when I got it home from the store and took it out of the original pot it was soaked and squishy. It looks like it is starting to come back but I want to make sure that I do everything right to keep it healthy. the way that it originally looked is in the first photo and how it looks now is the next two. I did separate all of the plants in the first photo after a little while.

Here are the rest of my current plants, I would really love any advice because I am new to succulents.

Here are the plants when I first got them

UPDATE 8/1/14

Here are some of the plants that I have been working on. Most are looking better thanks to the advice from my cousin Erica. The Crassula Tetragona is still a but of a problem plant, I can't seem to get it what it needs so if you have any advice on how to help that one please comment or email me. Also I did some hardcore reading and I learned that my Sempervivum should die after flowering and that it will flower prematurely without popping chicks if it is stressed out. I assume that is what happened to it to make it drop all of its leaves but there is new growth and the weird roots that started to grow on one side. From what I've read that is kind of strange so if you have any info on that one I would love to hear it.

Propagation babies