Starting Pepper Seeds

My mom gave me some fresh jalapenos from her garden the other day and Stephen and I made an AWESOME pot of chili with them. I decided to keep the tops of the peppers so I could maybe start some plants for myself. I was told to let the seeds dry out in a window for a few days before planting so I just put the seeds in a small dish and sat them in a spot out of the way in my kitchen for 3 days or so.

Then came the time to plant the seeds! I went online and looked up the best way to get them started and I read about a couple of ways.

Get a pot with soil level it out and place the seeds spread apart. Then fill up the sink to about where the top of the pot would be and let the pot float in the water so the water soaks in from the holes in the bottom of the pot. You will see it start to sink down and then the soil on top will start to get moist (if you have a large or tall pot then steady it at first so it doesn't dump over into the water) then cover the top with plastic wrap or a sandwich bag and place it it a well lit window.

Here is the part that I am experimenting with... I read that you should put sphagnum moss on top of the seeds and wait for them to pop through, but I was also told to just let them rest on top of the moist soil without anything covering them. So I decided to do a little experiment. One pot has the seeds just resting on top of the moist soil and is covered with plastic wrap and the other has moist sphagnum moss on top and is covered by a sandwich bag. I put both in the same window and I plan to keep an update on how things progress. There are so many ways to do the same thing but sometimes you just have to do a little experimenting for yourself. I am kind of excited to see how things will turn out I will try to make updates as often as I can.

Without sphagnum moss covered by plastic wrap

With sphagnum moss covered by a sandwich bag