As an artist

I am a freelance artist (digital & traditional) and I live in Mobile Alabama. I have a degree in Digital Media from Full Sail University - I can do commissioned paintings, wall murals, lettering, photo editing and manipulation, logo and layout design as well as many other art forms. I use a lot of different mediums and my style tends to vary more than I would like it to. Most of my work tends to have a natural theme, but I am open to exploring just about any subject or theme no matter how crazy. 

I am a VERY passive person and I think I work with others very well. I take criticism well and I love to learn (that's the geeky part of my personality) I try to think of my passive nature as an asset, but some times it seems like a disadvantage because I tend to be too laid back at times. I am easy to talk to and get along with so feel free to contact me.

Personal tidbits

Hmm.. I guess I will start with the fact that I currently live in Mobile Alabama, and I hate the weather here (I think everyone does), but to be honest, there are so many things that I love about the area. For example, my favorite place on the planet is a little beach on Dauphin Island by the Bird Sanctuary. I have a TON of photos and if you want to see them click  HERE.  Making a bonfire and roasting some marshmallows with friends, after taking a walk through some shady woods and ending the afternoon on a beach that has no people or trash... that is my perfect day. =}

I also love my '93 Nissan 300zx even though it is taken apart in my yard right now. I am starting to put her back together now that the summer heat has let up a little.

I'm a total geek, I love my computers, and I am a really big gamer. I know it makes me sound like a huge dork, but I accepted that fact a long time ago. I am currently playing all of the old Mario, Zelda, and Final Fantasy games and LOVING IT. I just know it has to be better for your brain to play a game rather than stare at a TV (that's what I tell myself anyway).

What I am really passionate about is being able to travel, not just around the US, I want to experience as many other cultures and customs that I can fit into a lifetime. If I could find a career that allowed me to travel, or better yet required that I do so, I believe I would be one of the happiest/most satisfied humans on this earth.